How We Work

Albion Care Alliance has an incredibly broad set of skills that could be of advantage to you. We also have deep expertise in what it takes to be successful and to win contracts.

The Alliance would be very interested to talk to you about how we might act as the lead contractor when you are bidding for your services. We offer a viable alternative to the traditional private sector. We have the same range of skills and expertise, but we are not for personal profit. Our motivations are different.

We exist to serve our communities better.

Working with us in this way would allow us to demonstrate how we can learn from each other in the delivery of great patient focused services, whilst also providing real financial strength as well as proven contract winning expertise.

The Alliance offers a range of community services that could be complementary to your services.

These include:

  • Working with people who are disadvantaged and vulnerable
  • Family support services
  • Learning disability services
  • Community nursing services for adults and children
  • School nursing services
  • Primary care (GP) services
  • Social care services
  • Residential care services
  • Pharmacy services
  • Disability support services

We have huge experience in managing large contracts with multiple demanding commissioners. We manage contracts with sophisticated KPIs and we have been successful in achieving performance bonuses.

We have been effective in winning tenders for work within our local communities and also in different areas. We are innovative in our approach to new business; one of our members is now part of a consortium running a school. We are committed to our social enterprise ethos and will only look at new areas of work if we can see that it can add social value. Will your services fit with our mission? If you think so, we should talk.