Working With You

Albion Care Alliance’s mission is to grow businesses and services that add value to member organisations, their services, staff and society. What this means in practice is that we are interested in working with you, or bidding with you, if in so doing we will add social value to our business and if the opportunity allows us to deploy our skills and experience. Ask yourself, do you have all the right skills and capabilities to deliver great integrated services? Will you be able to win contracts? What should you do about back office services? Can you achieve the financial efficiencies that will be required and still deliver quality services? How will you manage risk, especially contract based delivery risks? How can you raise capital?

We can help you find solutions to these queries, while continuing to deliver great services, because:

  • Our inspiring leadership teams have done it and understand how to win.
  • Our track record of integrating service delivery is outstanding across health and social care.
  • Our economies of scale mean we can offer contracting support and a wide range of back office services.
  • We can help you to release your social value and demonstrate why mutualisation is the best route forward for your customers and your community.