What We Do

Supporting your journey
We have the skills you need

Incubation Back Office Risk Management
We know how to create and grow a new mutual business and we can help you do the same:

  • Our expert and inspiring leadership can mentor your leadership team.
  • Our commercial expertise can help you to make the transition from a public sector model.
  • We can help you to build a new culture and unlock the full potential of your staff as members of a mutual.
We offer a wide range of excellent and value for money services, including:

  • Contracting and procurement.
  • HR and organisational development.
  • Financial services, including access to capital.
  • IT and estates.
  • Service re-design and performance.
We understand the importance of managing and building working capital, your cash.

We also understand the importance of managing risk, particularly contract based delivery risks where failure to achieve contracted outcomes can lead to financial penalties.

We can offer working capital support and we are also interested in exploring with you how the Alliance might pool risk with you to help you offset contract financial risks.